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Jamey Carroll FP

Giving 110 Percent

Baseball, the game we love, has many faces. First, and most importantly, there is the game played on the diamond. For us purists it is the most perfect of diamonds. Somehow the distance between the bases and distance from home plate to the pitching rubber are the perfect measures for the game. Then there is […]

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The Inaugural class of the Scumbag Hall of Fame (Photos courtesy of

The Scumbag Hall of Fame

Noted LA Times writer Bill Shaikin recently wrote that a number of Baseball Writers Association of America members were “torn over their Hall of Fame votes” this year because Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are eligible for enshrinement for the first time, along with several other known juicers. I’m going to probably take an unpopular stance […]

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Carlos Riiz FP

They Don’t Care… They Just Don’t Care

What’s it been two weeks? Three weeks? Yet it has happened again – another Major League Baseball player has been suspended for testing positive for a banned substance. This time it is Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz and this time it was amphetamines, for which Ruiz will be suspended for 25 games to begin the 2013 season. According […]

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James Shields FP

Poll: Who Do You Like?

With the winter meeting set to begin next week, Dodgers GM Ned Colletti has made it very clear that starting pitching is his top priority. But quite frankly, the free agent market for starters is very bleak. There are several top-of-the-rotation guys out there who are not free agents, but they would cost the Dodgers a great […]

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Rupert Murdoch-Jessica Rinaldi

Is Fox the Best TV Deal for Dodgers?

Back in early September, I had the opportunity (and pleasure) of meeting Tony Kinkela, an executive producer for Time Warner Cable (TWC). Tony is responsible for all current Dodgers pay-per-view broadcasts as well as all broadcasts on their all-new exclusive Lakers channel. Although my conversation with Tony was relatively brief, we did discuss the pending media […]

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Uribe FP

Uribe’s Last Stand

Like many others, I’ve made no bones about it and I am on record as saying it: the Juan Uribe experiment has failed… and miserably. He has been a disaster since the day that he arrived in Los Angeles. There is simply no kind or gentle way to say it – Juan Uribe sucks. Heading […]

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During my 30-year career with the Burbank Police Department, I spent 23 years as a detective, including 16 years as the department’s lead robbery investigator. And though my partners and I didn’t catch ’em all, we certainly put our fair share of bad guys behind bars, some of them for a very long time. Even […]

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Tropicana FP

Massacre in Miami Could Have Lasting Effect on MLB

We used to have an old saying in police work: “Never get arrested on a slow news day.” This saying, of course, had more to do with the person being arrested and with the news media than with the cops, but its meaning is clear – when there isn’t a lot going on and something small […]

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Loria FP

Organized Crime in Major League Baseball

What Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria did to the Marlins franchise and to their fans last week is criminal and I honestly feel this was Miami’s plan all along. They signed all these players to these big contracts last year but how much did they actually have to pay out? Hanley was gone by mid […]

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Dodgers Protect Ames and Magill from Rule-5 Draft

As predicted by our very own ThinkBlueLA resident minor league expert Harold Uhlman, the Dodgers have promoted right-handed pitchers Steven Ames and Matt Magill to the Major League roster, thus protecting them from being drafted by any other MLB team via the Rule-5 draft. Ames, 24, who hails from Vancouver, WA, pitched for Double-A Chattanooga […]

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