Happy Holidays from ThinkBlueLA


It’s been quite a year for us here at ThinkBlueLA, most notably expanding our three-year-old interactive forum to include our new ThinkBlueLA blog site.

We sincerely appreciate all of your support throughout this past year as we progressed from our infancy stages to what we consider (and hope that you do as well) one of the premiere Dodgers blog sites on the web.

As we move forward into our second full season with the blog site, we hope to continue to offer you articles that you find enjoyable and entertaining. As we’ve stated many times, it is our goal to stay out of the mainstream of simply reporting the latest news that can be found just about anywhere else, but instead to provide you with a fresh and entirely different approach to Dodgers baseball as seen through the fans eyes. Sure, we’ll keep you up to date on the latest major breaking news stories, but it is the up close and personal side of the game and its many characters that we wish to share with you.

As always, if you have any suggestions, ideas, thoughts and constructive criticism on how we can improve ThinkBlueLA, please feel free to pass them along to us either by email or through Private Messages over on the forum side. We also encourage you to share any articles or stories that you would like us to published on the ThinkBlueLA blog site.

As we have been saying since we launched the forum over three years ago, ThinkBlueLA is your forum (and blog site) and it will only be as great as you make it.

Please have a safe and Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.


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2 Responses to “Happy Holidays from ThinkBlueLA”


    Merry Christmas and happy New year to all. Again a big thanks to 53 and Scott for such a fabulous blog and forum. Thanks for providing a place for all of us Dodger dudes and dudettes a place to gather and come together. great job guys.

  2. lindav says:

    Am a bit behind on TBLA – got sick and now well. Totally agree with Mike – huge thank you to Ron & Scott. Ron your articles (blogs) are always well written and thoughtful. I read about 90% of them which means you are hitting subjects everyone has an interest in and you cover all the bases (pun intended). Thank you both for moving TBLA to a more trusted site – and not leaving us waiting very long 🙂

    To both of you (and all the TBLAers) – have a safe New Years and blessed 2013.

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