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The Dodgers – Giants Rivalry

I hate the Giants. I have always hated the Giants. Why? Because I’m a Dodger fan and they’re the Giants – it’s as simple as that. And while the players, coaches and managers today may claim that the intense rivalry between the two teams is only a fan thing, the truth of the matter is that […]

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“Dodger Stadium for Dummies” – or Vice Versa

In July 2008, a yahoo contributor by the name of Nicole wrote a short piece on Dodger Stadium. It was essentially a “Dodger Stadium for Dummies” article – an informational piece about the Stadium for those that haven’t been there. Topics included: how to get there, what to eat, the best place to sit, things […]

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2010 MLB - San Diego Padres at Los Angeles Dodgers (6-0) - September 21, 2010

Life in the Minor Leagues

When I was a youngster I had a dream. That dream was to play baseball. I knew at a very early age that major league baseball would be an impossibility for me. Still, I had a dream to play at a level below the big leagues. I think that yearning came from watching the Liverpool Larrupers play […]

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Will an Angry Fox become a Lame Duck?

There is an angry Fox loose in L.A. today – not the animal but the television network. It has been confirmed that Time Warner Cable (TWC) has won the television rights to carry the Dodgers new television channel, having outbid Fox Sports (News Corps) who have held the broadcasting rights for the Dodgers for more […]

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The Steroid Era – Round Two (or is it Three?)

For the past ten years, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig has gone to great lengths trying to convince everyone that the “Steroid Era” is over and that it is now nothing more than a painful memory and a black eye on baseball history. For that exact same ten years, I have argued and will continue to argue that […]

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The Starting Rotation – What Do the Numbers Mean?

One of the most ambiguous terms in all of baseball is the word “ace,” as in staff ace. It is a word that gets tossed around as casually (and sometimes as carelessly) as the words “superstar” or “heart.” But what exactly is an ace? Is it simply the guy who gets the Opening Day nod, or […]

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Baseball Without the Draft

If you have been paying close attention (or even slight attention) to the articles that we have posted here on ThinkBlueLA over the past two months about several former Brooklyn Dodger greats (and even a few non-Dodger greats), you have noticed that almost all of them had something in common. Almost to the man, nearly all […]

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The $3.5 Million Baseball

While scrolling through a long list of Dodgers related tweets yesterday, I stumbled across this rather humorous one (rt means “re-tweet”): This tweet was obviously made in jest about long-lost (but not forgotten… nor underpaid) Dodger third baseman Juan Uribe. I particularly got a kick out of the tweeter’s fictitious handle “@fattyswag5” – a play on words of […]

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All They Had to do Was Ask Us

On January 16, 2012, exactly one year and six days ago, there was a post and a series of replies over on the forum in which several of our loyal members commented on the fact that Dodger legend and Hall of Famer Sandy Koufax should have been brought back into the Dodgers family, just […]

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Kids Today!

Two of my favorite programs on Fox Prime Ticket over the past several years have been their extremely popular “Before the Bigs” and “In My Own Words” series that highlight current and former Dodger players before they made it to the Big show. To see and learn about guys like Andre Ethier, James Loney, Rafael […]

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