Some New Years Resolution Ideas for a Dodger Fan

Some New Years Resolution Ideas for a Dodger Fan

Times Square New York at midnight 2013(Video capture courtesy of

Times Square New York at midnight on January 1, 2013 (Video capture courtesy of

  1. Purchase a new Dodger cap by early January and have it completely broken in by the first day of Spring Training.
  2. Make a productive and insightful daily comment or post at your favorite Dodger blog or forum.  (Remember, it must be insightful and productive).
  3. Convert a friend to Dodger fandom.  Take him/her to the ballpark.  Build a lifelong relationship with the Dodgers playing a role.
  4. Buy a kid his first Dodger Dog.
  5. Remind a Giant fan everyday that his World Series Championship was a complete fluke and that his team is going down hard this year.
  6. Read a Dodger related book each month.  Recommendations include: Sandy Koufax,A Lefty’s Legacy,  The Boys of Summer, The Last Good Season: Brooklyn, the Dodgers and Their Final Pennant Race Together, The Artful Dodger, 100 Things Dodger Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die, The Dodgers From Coast To Coast, Forever Blue, Once a Bum, Always a Dodger: My Life in Baseball From Brooklyn to Los Angeles.
  7. Watch a Dodger game televised from San Francisco, step outside and understand that you are truly blessed that you do not have to watch a home game in that frigid, miserable weather up North.
  8. Go to the Top of the Park and watch the sunset over a Dodger game in the foreground and take in the beauty of the moment.
  9. Send a letter to a Dodger player and enclose a self addressed stamped envelope and a baseball card requesting a signature.  Be sure to say “please” and “thank you.”
  10. Attend Spring Training at Camelback Ranch and take in activities at the minor league fields.  Have a conversation with a former Dodger player.  Watch a prospect or two and remember that you watched him before he made it.  Be the first to arrive and last to leave.
  11. Obtain an autograph from a completely unique and up and coming Dodger player.
  12. Listen to an Eric Collins Dodger game broadcast and name 5 positives that you can take away from that 3-4 hours of baseball.
  13. Attend at least one Dodger Road game this year in full Dodger colors.  Cheer for them like a mad man and be classy in the process.  Walk away from that visiting ball park having made friends with fans from the opposing team (unless of course, you attended a game in San Francisco).
  14. Be first in line to see the Jackie Robinson motion picture that is supposed to come out this year.  Yes, spend the night in line if you have to.
  15. Reconnect with a long lost friend that you used to attend games with at Dodger Stadium and reminisce about how good those times were.
  16. Set up a twitter account and follow every Dodger player, announcer, writer and executive.
  17. Enhance your Dodger collection in 2013,  (It doesn’t matter what it is: bobble heads, caps, baseball cards, 8 X 10 photos, autographed baseballs, Dodger Boxer shorts), just make it better.
  18. Whatever it takes, attend the World Series Games at Chavez Ravine this year.  Watching it on television is just not enough.
  19. Thank the Lord above everyday that Vin Scully is still with us and calling games just as he was when you were a little kid.
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9 Responses to “Some New Years Resolution Ideas for a Dodger Fan”

  1. ebbetsfld says:

    Those aren’t resolutions, Evan, they’re a way of life!

    • Ron Cervenka says:

      …well, maybe except for number 12 which, of course, is impossible.

      • Evan Bladh says:

        Oh, come on! Get over the Collins issue, it’ll make you a better man.

        • Ron Cervenka says:

          Not nearly as better than if Collins goes into another line of work. 😆

          • ebbetsfld says:

            Collins is just as bad at doing football, sorry, Evan, but he’ll have to do a lot of changing before he’ll get my endorsement. He’s a homer in the worst way, and terribly uninformed and unprepared.

          • Ron Cervenka says:

            Hopefully his resolution is to get a clue. A good start would be reading the books you listed.

  2. echavez2 says:

    14. 14.Be first in line to see the Jackie Robinson motion picture that is supposed to come out this year. Yes, spend the night in line if you have to.

    I’ll Tweet you from the theater here in Albuquerque.

    I like all of them! I might hang that up on the wall and try to accomplish them too!

    • Ron Cervenka says:

      “I’ll Tweet you from the theater here in Albuquerque.”
      Did you copy that, Harold? (just checking).

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