Take me out Of the ball game

Being one who is follicly challenged, I like wearing caps; I really like wearing baseball caps; and I LOVE wearing Dodger baseball caps! So when the announcement was made last December that the Dodgers (and every other MLB team) were changing the design of their New Era batting practice caps, just as they have done every two years for the past eight years, I was quite excited. As you might imagine, my 2011 BP cap was getting a little… funky.

Although you will usually see me wearing my New Era Authentic Game Performance 59FIFTY On-Field Cap (aka: a regular Dodger cap) around the stadium, on those blazing hot summer day games, I prefer to wear a BP cap because it is lighter in weight, flex fit and cooler (temperature-wise) than the regular cap. The BP caps are supposedly made out of what New Era calls moisturewicking material designed to keep you cooler and keep the sweat out of your eyes better than the regular caps. This begs the burning question: If these BP caps are so wazoo special, why the hell aren’t the regular hats made out of this same magical moisturewicking material?

When the announcement was made about the new BP caps for 2013 (and I assume 2014), samples of each team’s new cap was made public. And while public opinion of the Dodgers new BP cap was anything but favorable because it was far from a traditional Dodger cap, I actually liked it. It features a Dodger Blue bill (which is technically called the peak) but has a gray crown. The LA logo on the front of the crown is the same Dodger Blue but highlighted in white. My very first thought when I saw this gray Dodger cap is that it would be great for autographs.

The Dodgers new BP cap previewed in December was a far cry from the traditional Dodger cap, but it's gray crown makes it an excellent choice for autograph seekers.

The Dodgers new BP cap which previewed in December is a far cry from the traditional Dodger cap, but it’s gray crown makes it an excellent choice for autograph seekers.

Well yesterday, the first official day of spring training (except for the Dodgers, that is), MLB.com and New Era made yet another announcement – this one way less popular, with me at least. The Dodgers will now have not one but two official BP caps for the 2013 season – one for home BP and one for away BP. And while this may be fashionable and all, these puppies are going for $35 a piece. Whereas I was willing and actually expecting to pay somewhere in this neighborhood for a new BP cap, there is no way that I’m going to shell out seventy bucks for two of them.

With Monday's announcement that the Dodgers will now have two BP caps, fans wishing to keep up with the team will have to shell out $70.

With Monday’s announcement that the Dodgers will now have two BP caps, fans wishing to stay in fashion with the team will have to shell out $70.

And it gets worse, at least in my opinion – the gray cap that I was looking forward to getting is the new away BP cap, and I go to far fewer away games than I do home games. The new home BP cap will feature a regular Dodger Blue crown with a traditional white LA logo, but get this – the bill is going to be white. Are you kidding me? White? Exactly how long do you think it will take for this pretty white bill to get dirty? How about the first time you wear it.

It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out exactly why MLB, New Era and the Dodgers (and I assume every other MLB team) have decided to go with this two-cap BP system – like everything else in the game today, it’s all about the money. I can here the powers that be now – “If we make two caps, these suckers with buy two caps.” Heck, I’m surprised that they don’t have two more BP caps – one for day games and one for night games. (Oh crap! I should have kept my mouth shut!).

I suppose I will still go out and get one of these new BP caps… Lord knows my old BP cap is too disgusting to wear anymore, but I’m sure as hell not going to get two of them. And though the white bill on the blue cap will undoubtedly get dirty from just looking at it, it does look more traditional than the gray one; but the gray one is definite unique looking and its light colored crown will undoubtedly be a lot cooler on those really hot days.

Ah hell, do I have $70 left in my checking account?

I LOVE wearing Dodger baseball caps!

Author’s Note: The new BP caps will be fitted 59Fifty caps instead of the elastic flex-fit caps as were previous versions. It has been my experience that specific cap sizes of these 59Fifty caps vary significantly. As such, I recommend that you purchase your 59Fifty caps where you can actually try them on to find one that fits you properly as opposed to ordering then on-line.


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9 Responses to “Take me out Of the ball game”

  1. KSparkuhl says:

    Go with the gray one! You’ll stand out from the rest of the sheep. 🙂

    • Bluenose Dodger says:

      No comments on hats – except they beat the heck out of those former dorky BP – ST hats. Right Kevin. LOL

      Ron does stand out among the sheep. He is in every picture taken by anyone at any Dodger venue anywhere.

  2. lindav says:

    Ron, wear the gray one all the time – you’ll stand out.

  3. Ron Cervenka says:

    Are you guys insinuating that nobody else likes or will get the gray one? My biggest fear with the blue one with the white bill is getting mustard from my Dodger Dog on it. 😮

    • Bluenose Dodger says:

      You can’t miss your mouth by that much Ron. LOL. Now me, without my new specs, it’s a whole different story. I might have to do like Gus Lobel and listen.

      • Ron Cervenka says:

        It’s grabbing the hat by the bill with mustard (etc.) on my hands that I worry about, Gus.

        • Bluenose Dodger says:

          You can’t rival Mike in that department Ron.

          • Ron Cervenka says:

            Well, that part isn’t entirely true, Bluenose. Whereas Cranbrook Mike drops his food on the ground and then picks it up and eats it, I have been known to get mine all over my hands – hence my fear of that white bill.

            By the way – it is my understanding that both of these hats will be available at the Camelback Ranch Team Store during spring training. But knowing those stores, they will sellout fast and won’t be restocked.


    I’ll have you know, that gargantuan dogs off of the ground aren’t all that bad. There is a little extra flavor from from all the dusting of salt from past game’s peanuts shells on the ground! Yes once again the store at CbR has absolutely sucked for selection. It might be different with new ownership this year. I’m just curious to see about those concession pricing!

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