Clayton Kershaw – Baseball’s anti-rockstar

“‘Cause we all just wanna be big rockstars
And live in hilltop houses driving fifteen cars
The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap
We’ll all stay skinny ’cause we just won’t eat
And we’ll hang out in the coolest bars
In the VIP with the movie stars
Every good gold digger’s gonna wind up there
Every Playboy Bunny with her bleached blond hair, and well

Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar
Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar”

The song ‘Rockstar’ by the Canadian rock band Nickelback is arguably one of the group’s most popular hits and the music video from the song is always fun to watch – if for no other reason than to try to identify all of the celebrities in it. (Yes, that’s Wayne Gretzky, former UFC Champ Chuck “The Ice Man” Liddell and Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the video – among many others).

The fascination with rock stars and their perceived fame, fortune and flamboyant lifestyle is as old as the genre of the music itself. Although I haven’t a clue as to when this obsession began, there is no denying that the lure of being a big rock star is popular among professional athletes, including baseball players. And while there are many professional athletes who strive to attain the status and recognition (and fame and fortune) of rock stars, there are some who do everything that they can to avoid it.

Enter Clayton Kershaw.

As we all know, Kershaw is, hands down, the most humble athlete in major league baseball and perhaps even in the entire world; and in spite of having just signed an MLB-record seven-year/$215 million contract extension, there is little doubt that Kershaw considers himself anything but a rock star and has never had any desire to be one. It’s probably safe to say that there are thousands of rock stars out there who wish that they were Clayton Kershaw instead of the other way around.

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of meeting Clayton in person knows firsthand what a great human being and humanitarian he is, as is his lovely wife Ellen. If ever there were an anti-rockstar it is Clayton Kershaw. In fact, Kershaw recently tweeted a photo of himself doing the dishes at home while wearing his NL Cy Young Award WWE-style belt. Granted, the photo was obviously staged (there’s no water running or soapsuds) but it’s not a stretch to believe that in spite of his wealth, Clayton actually does his own dishes – because that’s just who Clayton Kershaw is.

Kershaw shares his great sense of humor and his humility with his Twitter followers. (Photo credit - @ClaytonKersh22)

Kershaw recently shared his great sense of humor and his humility with his Twitter followers. (Photo credit – @ClaytonKersh22)

When MLB Network televised the announcements of the respective 2013 year-end award winners including the Cy Young Awards winners this past November, several of the finalists were in-studio at MLB Network’s headquarters in Secaucus, New Jersey. And even though there was zero doubt that Kershaw would be the overwhelming winner of the prestigious award, Clayton elected to share this memorable moment with several of his closest friends at his Dallas, Texas home rather than appearing live in-studio – because that’s just who Clayton Kershaw is.

While several award finalists were in-studio at MLB Network's studios, Kershaw preferred to share the moment at his home with several of his closest friends. (Video courtesy of

Kershaw chose to share winning the 2013 Cy Young Award with several of his closest friends at his home. (Video capture courtesy of

While some of the biggest names in the game choose to hang out with rock stars, movie and television celebrities and high profile athletes from other professional sports (which doesn’t always end well), there is one thing that you can absolutely positively count on – you will never ever see Kershaw’s name in the headlines or on TMZ for being arrested or for embarrassing himself, his family or the Dodgers in any way whatsoever – because that’s just who Clayton Kershaw is.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Clayton Kershaw trivia:

One of Kershaw’s favorite players growing up was former Texas Rangers first baseman Will Clark and Clayton wears number 22 in honor of Clark. Suffice to say that one day Will Clark will be honored to have worn the same uniform number that Clayton Kershaw did and that Kershaw will most likely be the last Dodger to ever wear number 22.


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3 Responses to “Clayton Kershaw – Baseball’s anti-rockstar”

  1. OldBrooklynFan says:

    I’m positive Clayton’s on a rocketship to the HOF.

  2. Bluenose Dodger says:

    I think there is no doubt it is Clayton’s personal qualities that cause us to never question the nature of his contract.

    We know he will do everything he can to honor the contract with excellence and to use to make his and Ellen’s other dreams come true.

    He becomes a leader just by being who he is.

    By the way – I didn’t know Nickleback was Canadian or even existed.

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