Dodgers unveil new food choices for 2016 New Dodger Stadium menu features something for just about everyone

If you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Dodger Stadium Executive Chef Jason Tingley, you have missed out on meeting an exceptionally humorous guy who can pretty much be summed up in one word – passionate; okay maybe two words – insanely passionate.

On Tuesday and courtesy of Steve Brener, Yvonne Carrasco, Jon Weisman and Daisuke Sugiura of the Dodgers Communications Department, Tingley was given the difficult task of trying to please a group of some of the Dodgers’ harshest critics – approximately 50 of the teams most noted bloggers – by treating them to what he hopes will be well-received and exciting new food choices to be offered at Dodger Stadium this season.

Dodger Stadium Executive Chef Jason Tingley. (Photo credit - Ron Cervenka)

Dodger Stadium Executive Chef Jason Tingley.
(Photo credit – Ron Cervenka)

Oh sure, it’s easy to say that offering up the proverbial ‘free lunch’ to a group that is well known and often kidded about their affection for food – especially Dodger Dogs – but the simple truth is that Tingley not only hit one out of the park, he hit one out of the solar system.

The new Gouda Kobe Burger is going to be a big seller this season at Blue Heaven on Earth. (Photo credit - Ron Cervenka)

Without question, the new Gouda Kobe Burger is going to be a huge fan-favorite at Dodger Stadium this season.
(Photo credit – Ron Cervenka)

Truth be told, those lucky enough to receive an invitation to what the Dodgers hope will become an annual event (much to the pleasure of the bloggers) had received a copy of Tingley’s proposed 2016 menu additions, so there was already a lot of anticipation (and growling stomachs) when the Stadium Club doors opened on Tuesday. And while there was little doubt that whatever Tingley put out there would hit the spot, it’s safe to say that he far exceeded everyone’s expectations.

(Courtesy of Levy Restaurants)

(Courtesy of Levy Restaurants)

“The King’s Roll. Why do we need a King’s Roll? Because we’re excited this year that we can start a sponsorship with them instead of just being a customer,” Tingley said. “Like, who doesn’t like the King’s Roll for everything – burgers, hot dogs – everything? What I’ve found out from years of working here is that the fans really like simplistic foods but they’re really starting to take a look at [stadium] food in a whole new light. We think that the [King’s Hawaiian] potato bun is going to be amazing.”

And it is.

Although the King’s Hawaiian Hot Dog and the Gouda Kobe Burger on the aforementioned buns were incredible, my absolute favorite new menu item was the Shock Top Bratwurst. While it may be easy to say that a ballpark brat is a ballpark brat, this one stands head and shoulders above any bratwurst I’ve ever had – ballpark or otherwise.

“The Shock Top covers the new sponsorship that we have with them and kind of dumps the other with us,” Tingley said. “It is made with Shock Top beer and comes two different ways: there’s going to be a spicy and just a regular bratwurst. It’s going to be served down at the [Think Blue] Barbecue stand on that little space on the outside.”

The Shock Top bratwurst was, hands down, my favorite new menu item for 2016. It comes in a spicy version and a regular version (I had the spicy). (Photo credit - Ron Cervenka)

The Shock Top bratwurst was, hands down, my favorite new menu item. It will come in a spicy version and a regular version (I had the spicy).
(Photo credit – Ron Cervenka)

Because everyone has their own individual tastes and personal preferences when it comes to ballpark fare, it would be unfair of me to suggest that what I consider to be Tingley’s best offering(s) will appeal to everyone, but I can say without hesitation that Chef Tingley’s new menu pretty much has something for everybody.

For those who prefer to get something for the entire family (of those who are incredibly hungry themselves), Chef Tingley has also created a Smoked BBQ Wings bundle that is outstanding. (Photo credit - Ron Cervenka)

For those who prefer something for the entire family (or those with an enormous appetite), Chef Tingley has created a Smoked BBQ Wings Bundle that is outstanding.
(Photo credit – Ron Cervenka)

Whatever your fancy, whether a hot dog, hamburger, bratwurst, the new Chicken Verde Sandwich or Specialty Nachos Verde, chances are you’ll find one of these new menu items to your liking. If not, there’s always the original Dodger Dog … and who doesn’t like one (or two) of those?


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5 Responses to “Dodgers unveil new food choices for 2016 New Dodger Stadium menu features something for just about everyone

  1. Respect the Rivalry says:

    I’m getting a little off topic here. OK, totally off topic:
    As soon as I heard that Dave Roberts was being considered for Dodgers manager he had my vote (which didn’t count, of course). Once he had the job and it became that Maury Wills would have more influence I was downright excited. Maury wrote a lot of the book on baserunning. Incidentally, I’ve always considered bunting (another Maury specialty) as more about baserunning than hitting. I expected to see more aggressive baserunning from the Dodgers.
    Spring games started out like that. But from my position, in front of a TV on the few games that have been broadcast, it’s not happening much anymore.
    So, I’m asking those of you who have been to Camelback: Do you see it different than I do?
    The Royals won the WS because they play baseball the way it’s s’posed to be played. Are we going to see that from the Dodgers?

    • CruzinBlue says:

      RTR, that’s a million dollar question right there. It’s almost as if the Dodgers are searching for an identity that they really don’t need to look much further than their own history to find.

      “The Dodger Way.” Look past the trees and one will find the forest. I hope Dave Roberts brings back the glory of this team.

      • Respect the Rivalry says:

        Well, AJ beating out an infield single and squeezing the tying run home is a step in the right direction. Pretty good tag he made at home too, looked like Austin Barnes the way he dived across.
        There was Puig’s two tries at stretching singles, one successful. If he’s slid to the other side that would have succeeded too. When he was sitting there after being tagged out he was probably thinking, “I’m gonna hear it from Maury.”

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