There may still be a Dodger uniform in Stanton’s future

It took all of seven minutes for the first Giancarlo Stanton mention to appear on Twitter early Sunday morning. Over the next four hours there were several more, including a couple that give Dodger fans at least a little hope that the 2017 NL All-Star, Silver Slugger and NL MVP could still end up in Dodger Blue.

Even for as serious as talks between Stanton and the Giants and Cardinals are reported to be, the superstar continues to be mentioned as possibly ending up with the Dodgers. (Photo credit – Steve Mitchell)

Although pure speculation, MLB Network’s Jon Morosi still sees the Marlins slugger landing with the Dodgers, this in spite of reported “serious talks” between Stanton’s agent and representatives from the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals.

Here again, even though Morosi is generally a reliable source of information and clearly has his finger on the pulse of all things MLB related, he was not and will not be in the room when any negotiating is taking place between Stanton’s people and representatives from any MLB team … including the Dodgers.

There is one thing that is an absolute fact and not a rumor. Because of the full no-trade clause in his current 13-year / $325 million contract which runs through the 2027 season (with an option for 2028), Stanton is in the driver’s seat as to where he ends up. It is also a fact that the Panorama City, California native who grew up rooting for the Dodgers wants nothing more than to play for the Dodgers, so we’ve got that going for us.

All of this said, when the Giancarlo Stanton sweepstakes concludes, you can bet it will come down fast and furious.

Stay tuned…


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11 Responses to “There may still be a Dodger uniform in Stanton’s future”

  1. Boxout7 says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing Stanton in left field for Dodgers next year.

    Midgets and Cardinals are a sorry attempt/dream by Marlins to get some negotiating power. Dodgers can make it happen anytime they want, if they want. Marlins GOT to trade him. Stanton wants LA and LA wants him. Stanton solves Dodgers future luxury tax problems by sending at least Gonzalez $22M and Kazmir $17M to Marlins. I think Dodgers also get Marlins to take at least one of McCarthy $11M or Ryu $8M. Dodgers are Marlins only hope, and the LA luxury tax problem makes it too good of an opportunity for it not to happen.

    Only thing holding up the deal, in my opinion, is what prospects go to Marlins. I start with Verdugo.

    • Ron Cervenka says:

      Getting the Marlins to buy in on AGon and Kazmir would be a VERY tough sell.

      • Boxout7 says:

        It would be a tough pill to swallow, but the lesson here is, if you are a small market team, never ever sign a high dollar player to a 13 year contract with a NO TRADE CLAUSE.

        Only way a Stanton trade makes sense financially right now for Dodgers is if Marlins take these players to solve Dodgers luxury tax problem. Marlins are probably going to have to eat some of Stanton’s contract if they want any prospects back (and they still have to get Stanton to agree). I think I would rather take some players than just pay if I was the Marlins. Who knows the pitchers might even be able to improve on the Marlins 2017 team 4.82 team ERA. Good thing for them is all four players are on final year of contracts.

        Seems to me “some” prospect cost could make it work.

        • SoCalBum says:

          Marlins taking on $40M in 2018 contracts (Agon and Kazmir) while Stanton is owed around $25M is not realistic and taking McCarthy or Ryu just exacerbate’s the expense. Dodgers would do well if it can convince Marlins to take McCarthy $10M (Marlins do not have to pay the amortized amount of his signing bonus). Starting 2021, if Stanton does not opt out, Marlins pay $5M per year to Dodgers through 2027 ($35M) and in 2028 $10M contract buyout amount. That is $55M off Stanton’s remaining $295M. We can quibble about which players to send to the Marlins, but it is obvious from the package it is willing to accept from Giants (reportedly) that Dodgers would not have to send its best prospects to the Marlins. Perhaps Joc Pederson, Ross Stripling, Trevor Oaks, and Gavin Lux but there are certainly other combinations.

          • Boxout7 says:

            I just don’t think Stanton works for Dodgers without Gonzalez and Kazmir going to Marlins. Gotta fix the luxury tax problem in 2018. Ryu/McCarthy’s contracts aren’t that bad, they might even have some value.

            Marlins are between a rock and a hard place, the no trade clause is a killer. Marlins can WISH for Stanton to agree to Giants, but why would he? Stanton will pay a lot more income taxes to agree to Giants. Sorry Californians, but your state income tax sucks (Florida has zero state income tax). Who is going to compensate him for that to get him to agree to Giants? Marlins are lucky he would agree to Dodgers.

            If Stanton really wants Dodgers, he will get Dodgers, it’s either Dodgers or Marlins. Marlins can’t handle the $295M risk that he might suck in future, Dodgers can. Marlins can justify trading Stanton for Gonzalez/Kazmir depending on prospect package. Hang tough Stanton, we want you!

            Left field – Stanton

            Center field – Taylor/Pederson

            Right field – Puig

          • Boxout7 says:

            Forgot to say, Stanton will never opt out of his contract. Whoever gets him is paying him through 2028.

        • Respect the Rivalry says:

          Boxout7, why would anybody want to platoon CT3 with Pederson, or anybody else not named Babe Ruth?
          I’m still expecting Joc to be attending ST somewhere besides Camelback Ranch, unless the White Sox get him.

          • Boxout7 says:

            I think CT3 plays both center and 2nd. Pederson is effectively platooning with Forsythe. Pederson could be gone, but he is cheap/young/plays center and might have bought himself more time with his playoff performance.

  2. Ron Cervenka says:

    Hey OBF – I used a photo that I shot of the actual 2017 National League Pennant as our sidebar header just for you. ; )

  3. oldbrooklynfan says:

    In all the years I’ve been a baseball fan there’s one thing I’ve learned. There is absolutely no way I can foresee what will happen.

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