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First and foremost, thank you for dropping in on ThinkBlueLA.com.

ThinkBlueLA is the brainchild of lifelong Dodgers fan and longtime season ticket holder Ron Cervenka who, along with IT expert and fellow Dodgers fan Scott Harvey, created ThinkBlueLA in 2009 as a fan-based, interactive Dodgers forum.

At Scott’s urging (not to mention his incredible computer skills), we expanded ThinkBlueLA to include a full-feature Dodgers blog site in 2012.  Because of our many loyal readers we are blessed to be one of the more popular Dodgers blog sites on the World Wide Web today.

ThinkBlueLA.com co-founders Scott Harvey and Ron Cervenka

ThinkBlueLA co-founders Scott Harvey and Ron Cervenka

Perhaps the first thing you noticed about ThinkBlueLA is that there are no annoying banner ads or pop-ups that we all hate so much. And while this is how most blog sites make their money, we would rather go out-of-pocket than force unwanted products on our readers.

Although it is our goal to keep our readers apprised of the latest breaking news involving the Dodgers organization, we are not just another game re-cap site – of which there are hundreds. Instead, it is our goal to provide our readers with an entirely different perspective – that of Dodger fans by Dodger fans. As we all know, without loyal fans there would be no Dodgers or no Major League Baseball.

Of course no Dodgers blog site would be complete without up close and personal interviews of Dodgers players, coaches, manager and other game day staff and employees, and we are blessed to have access to them through the great Dodgers PR Department. As such, we often have access to the latest news and information about the Dodgers – including occasional breaking news and exclusive interviews that you will find nowhere else.

We are also blessed to have a talented staff of writers and guest writers from all walks of life who bring with them a vast amount of baseball knowledge and experience. They are not your typical sports journalists or beat writers, but rather a group of extremely passionate grassroots Dodgers fans and fans of the game itself.

Every article on ThinkBlueLA offers an area where readers can post comments and/or opposing viewpoints and we encourage you to do so if you are so inclined. We also offer a Featured Video and a Video Library that includes our past Featured Videos for your enjoyment. We also encourage you to check out our Photo Gallery which includes photographs submitted to us by our readers and from our ThinkBlueLA staff.

Additionally, we have included direct links to many of the other popular Dodgers websites in our blog roll and encourage you to give them a look as well.

Also, if you haven’t already done so, please give us a follow on Twitter (@Think_BlueLA) to keep up with the latest news and announcements about our beloved Dodgers.

And finally, we encourage you to shoot us an email with any thoughts, ideas or constructive criticism to make ThinkBlueLA even better.

Thanks again for dropping in on ThinkBlueLA.com and Go Dodgers!


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