No Magic

No, I don’t mean that there isn’t any magic… I mean that there isn’t any Magic Johnson.

I understand that the NBA Finals are going on, and I understand that as an NBA Hall of Famer he is expected to at least make an appearance during the Finals, but maybe someone should tap Magic Johnson on the shoulder and whisper in his ear that the Dodgers, his Dodgers, are getting their butts kicked and maybe he ought to make an appearance with them.

Are you kidding me? Magic Johnson is sending out Tweets like this when his Dodgers are bleeding to death?

Are you kidding me? Magic Johnson is posting stuff like this on Twitter while his Dodgers are bleeding to death? Maybe he ought to be live and in person in Milwaukee.

I also understand that Magic Johnson is, in all honesty, nothing more than a figure head and the face of the Dodger franchise, but perhaps he ought to show that face in the visiting clubhouse at Miller Park in Milwaukee so that his team, the team that just got swept out of Atlanta and on the verge of being lost for the season, can at least see what a champion looks like. And who knows, maybe he might do a little ass-chewing himself while he is there; Heaven knows nothing that his manager or coaches are saying to them is working.

Where is Magic Johnson? I definitely know where he isn’t.
(Photo credit – Ron Cervenka)

I realize that it’s not really fair to lay the Dodgers ineptitude on Magic Johnson or the other Dodger owners, I mean they’re not the ones leaving runners in scoring position or blowing games out of the bullpen, but Magic Johnson is the guy who said: “We want to go to the World Series. If we don’t accomplish that… it is not a good season for us.”

Perhaps Magic should give this same little pep talk to his team – his baseball team… the Dodgers – not the Spurs or the Grizzlies.

Or better yet, perhaps he should walk up to Matt Kemp and say “WTF?” Or walk up to Andre Ethier and say “I thought you wanted to stay here in L.A.” Or walk up to Brandon League and say “Dude – What about that 3-year/$22.5 million contract we just gave you?” Or walk up to Don Mattingly and say “Gee, Don, maybe not giving you that contract extension was a good idea after all.”

The point here is that it is time for Dodger ownership, and not just Magic Johnson, to slam the door open and storm into the Dodger clubhouse (home or away) and slam their fist down on the table and say “Enough!”

It’s time for Dodger ownership to say ‘If you can’t get the job done, we’ve got kids in Triple-A, Double-A and even Single-A who would kill for an opportunity to play the game the way it should be played – with passion and with heart (Nick Punto notwithstanding).

It’s time for Dodger ownership to put their mouth where their money is.

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8 Responses to “No Magic”

  1. KSparkuhl says:

    It’s time for a mega-magnitude quake at Dodger Stadium. Someone got to go… and it just might be Donnie Baseball. Some players might soon follow… and Ethier could lead the charge. “Going through the motions” ain’t gonna get it done.

    The Dodgers DO need some magic…

    …and he needs to stop being a “part-time” owner/team poster-boy.

  2. Bluenose Dodger Bluenose Dodger says:

    I expect it is not going to happen. The owners tried to buy the stable but got mostly an empty barn. They are now tied to large, long contracts that aren’t easy to move unless you are the Red Sox dealing with the Dodgers. I hate paying guys to play for other teams. The only guys that will be sat or moved will be the role players, not the big contract guys.

    Now there is talk of firing Mattingly. I know the whole team can’t be fired but where is all this leadership ,clubhouse stuff that was to cause the team to gel? Gelling doesn’t happen unless you have the right mix and the Dodgers don’t have that. It is a collection of individuals who aren’t being professionals if they require a manager to be fired to fire them up. Gelling or not, you can still hit the ball if you are a professional.

    Ned is the teflon man. It was and is my contention he had sufficient funds under McCourt to build a team with a future, not just try to buy one for now. I don’t blame him for the Boston deal, although it doesn’t seem to be an immediate fix, as the new owners must have been on board with that. I do fault him for Schmidt, Jones, M.Ramirez, Uribe, Lilly, Guerrier, JP who was not what was needed, League, Harang. That’s a lot of bucks that could have been used to build with younger MLB players and the minor leagues.

  3. OldBrooklynFan says:

    I have a feeling things will change for the better because it looks like it can’t get much worse. That is performancewise . How and when are hard for me to see.

  4. MFGRREP says:

    Me thinks big changes are a come’n

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