Seth Rosin acquisition creates awkward situation for Dodgers

Most Dodger fans were a bit surprised when the Dodgers traded for right-hander Seth Rosin only moments after he had been selected by the Mets in the Rule 5 Draft from the Phillies on Thursday. After all, the Dodgers have several minor league prospects within their own farm system that are every bit as MLB-ready as is Rosin – including a couple who project out higher on the depth chart than the 25-year-old Fargo, ND native; guys like Jose Dominguez and Onelki Garcia who actually saw playing time for the Dodgers in 2013 and who would (or at least should) get more consideration to make the Dodgers opening day 25-roster out of spring training than should Rosin. And this doesn’t even take into account guys like Yimi Garcia, Jarret Martin and Red Patterson who are all very close to being MLB-ready – among others.

Onelki Garcia certainly figures to make the Dodgers 25-man roster before Seth Rosin does - especially if the Dodgers do not re-sign left-hander J.P. Howell. (Ron Cervenka -

Onelki Garcia certainly figures to make the Dodgers 25-man roster before Seth Rosin does – especially if the Dodgers do not re-sign left-hander J.P. Howell.
(Ron Cervenka –

Why, then, did the Dodgers even go after Rosin?

This is yet another head-scratcher in the never-ending head-scratching world that is Ned Colletti.

One might understand the Rosin acquisition if he were a left-hander (baring the hopeful re-signing of J.P. Howell, that is), but Rosin in a right-hander, as are Dominguez, Yimi Garcia, and Red Patterson. Dominguez and Yimi Garcia are also younger than Rosin – 23 versus 25. (Left-handers Onelki Garcia and Jarret Martin are 24 and Red Patterson 26).

The flip side to all of this is that because the Dodgers acquired Rosin via trade from the Mets who Rule 5 Drafted him from the Phillies, the Dodgers most likely got him for the Rule 5 fee of $50,000 (and perhaps a little ‘thank you’ money to the Mets) and should Rosin not make the Dodgers’ opening day roster, they must offer him back to the Phillies for $25,000. If the Phillies do not want to pay the $25,000 to get Rosin back, the Dodgers can then send Rosin to one of their minor league affiliates – most likely Triple-A Albuquerque.

The bottom line is that if Rosin does not make the Dodgers’ opening day roster and the Phillies do not want him back, the Dodgers are only out $50,000 which, by today’s MLB standards, is a relatively small investment.


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6 Responses to “Seth Rosin acquisition creates awkward situation for Dodgers”

  1. MFGRREP says:

    Maybe he’s going to be part of a bigger trade ?

    • Ron Cervenka says:

      I thought about that too, Gary (go figure), but whoever takes Rosin takes on the Rule 5 Draft obligation attached to him as well (but are also entitled to the $25,000 if the Phillies take him back).

      I just have a hard time believing that the Dodgers would give a sight-unseen unproven Seth Rosin more consideration for a roster spot than Jose Dominguez or Onelki Garcia.

      It is definitely going to make for a very interesting spring training, that’s for sure.

  2. Bluenose Dodger says:

    I like this move just as I liked the Kelvin De La Cruz acquisition. I like it because he isn’t on the downhill side of a career and still has some upside. I think the team should continue to acquire younger players. The risk is less and their is a potential upside.

    I don’t see any problem. Rosin is not left-handed so not in competition with the Dodgers young lefties (Paco, Onelki, Scott). If he works out like Kelvin he might get an opportunity with another team – returned to Phillies, not wanted and kept in minors with the Dodgers and moves on for 2015. Chris Withrow is safe for a roster spot. Jose Dominguez, if healthy, will occupy a spot, or at least be in front of Rosin.

    Scott Elbert is still an unknown and Red Patterson, unfortunately, is an odd man out. Jarret Martin, with only a part season of relief, will not be in the mix in 2014. Pedro Baez is still learning the role. The interesting one for me is Yimi Garcia. He just continues to perform. Doesn’t shoot bullets like Jose but misses just as many bats. (career 11.2 K/9, 2.8 BB/9, 3.99 K/BB)

    Interesting that Seth Rosin was drafted by the Giants on the recommendation of Giant scout, Lou Colletti, Ned’s son. I agree Rosin is a long shot but as pointed out not a very costly one in the grand scheme of things. However, the only Dodger minor league pitcher, right-hander, who is in front of Rosin, in my opinion, is Yimi Garcia.

    If the Dodgers sign any more veteran right-hand relievers it will seal the MLB fate of Rosin and others for 2014.

  3. OldBrooklynFan says:

    It’s good to know 53, that if the Dodgers decide not to keep Rosin, they can send him down to the minor leagues, if they offer him to the Phillies first.
    I was unaware that Colletti has a son scouting for the Giants. Thanks for that bid of info, BD.

  4. jcfordham says:

    Only thing I could think of is maybe his potential to be a long relief middle reliever but yeah seems like Withrow could be that guy and is a known quantity.

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