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Although ThinkBlueLA is relatively new to the blogging world, we have actually been around for several years. ThinkBlueLA was born during the exciting 2009 season as a fan-based interactive Dodgers forum with members from across the country, Canada, Mexico and abroad. In 2012 we expanded ThinkBlueLA into an active Dodgers blog site. By active we mean that we try to post new articles daily (sometimes several) to keep Dodger fans up to date with the latest happenings in and around Dodger Stadium and within the Dodgers farm system – even during the off-season.

Although it is our goal to keep our readers apprised of the latest breaking news involving the Dodgers organization, we are not just another game re-cap site, of which there are hundreds. Instead, it is our goal to provide our readers with an entirely different perspective – that of Dodger fans by Dodger fans. As we all know, without fans there would be no Dodgers or no Major League Baseball.

We are blessed to have a staff of writers from different walks of life with a wide spectrum of baseball knowledge and experience. They are not your typical sports journalists but instead a group of passionate, grassroots fans of the Dodgers and of the game itself.

Scott Harvey is the brains behind ThinkBlueLA. He works as an Information Technology supervisor for L.A. County and hails from Northridge, California, where he lives with his wife Yvette and their daughter Lexy, who is a star pitcher on her travel softball team. Although Scott is a relatively new Dodger fan, he is not lacking in his passion for the team and can often be seen in and around Dodger Stadium.

Scott is also a professional freelance photographer and an avid tournament poker player.

Ron Cervenka is a Southern California native and a lifelong Dodger fan who was born and raised a short 10 minutes from Dodger Stadium in nearby Burbank, California. Ron credits his father, a die-hard Cubs fan, for making him a Dodger fan. Ron’s father often took he and his brothers to the L.A. Memorial Coliseum to watch the newly arrived Dodgers play his beloved Cubs. Once Dodger Stadium opened in 1962, the Left Field Pavilion became the Cervenka family’s home away from home.

After 30 years of service Ron retired as a detective from the Burbank Police Department in 2010. As you might expect, Ron’s daughter Christina and son Tim are also die-hard lifelong Dodgers fans. Ron and Tim were featured in the DVD movie Bluetopia: The LA Dodgers Movie which chronicled the Dodgers 50th season in Los Angeles. Christina currently lives in New York City and can often be seen proudly wearing her Dodger colors around the Big Apple – this in spite of constant ribbing by her Yankees and Mets fan friends.

ThinkBlueLA.com co-founders Scott Harvey and Ron Cervenka

ThinkBlueLA co-founders Scott Harvey and Ron Cervenka

Harold Uhlman is longtime Dodger fan who hails from about as far away from Dodger Stadium as you can get – Nova Scotia, Canada. One evening in 1952, young Harold was slowly turning the dial on his radio and happened to hear a man with a golden voice describing a baseball game. The man, of course, was Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully and the baseball team was the Brooklyn Dodgers. Aided by Vinny’s call of a Duke Snider home run, Harold instantly became a Dodger fan for life. Ironically, had Harold turned his radio dial a fraction of an inch more, he would have tuned into a Giants game in progress and the unthinkable may have happened. Harold’s passion within his passion is his love of the Dodgers minor league affiliate teams which he closely follows. This gives Harold an intimate knowledge of the youngsters coming up within the Dodgers farm system, which he frequently shares with ThinkBlueLA readers.

Harold is a retired school teacher and school administrator. He is an avid baseball card collector with more that 30,000 cards in his collection – most of which are Dodgers and Dodger prospects.

Harold Uhlman

Harold Uhlman

Robb Anderson was born and raised in Iowa and now lives in Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. Robb’s roots as a Dodger fan dates back to the Brooklyn Dodger days when his grandmother, then a nursing student in Brooklyn, won a date with Hall of Famer Pee Wee Reese in a contest.

Robb became a Dodger fan himself in 1976 when he and his family would make an annual trip from their Iowa home to Busch Stadium in St. Louis to watch the Dodgers play the Cardinals. As a youngster Robb was amazed at the number of Dodger fans who attended these games. Robb later played college and semi-pro baseball but was forced out of the game due to an elbow injury.

After a successful career as a lawyer, Robb moved to Mexico in 1997 where he and his wife, noted Chef Ana Garcia, opened a small culinary-focused resort called La Villa Bonita which is located in the beautiful mountains surrounding Tepoztlan.

Robb caught the baseball bug again and got back into shape at age 39 when his (then) five-year-old son Matias wanted to play baseball. Seeing the poor state of children’s baseball in the state, Robb decided to form a Little League team called the Chinelos and travel teams for the state of Morelos that compete throughout Mexico. Robb also began playing semi-pro baseball again as a pitcher for various teams including a Nuevo Leon team that won a national championship in 2010 in the over 40 category. Robb suffered a torn labrum and underwent shoulder surgery, which his Little Leaguers thought was pretty cool because it was the same injury that their favorite Dodger Matt Kemp had, although Robb didn’t quite see it this way. Robb currently serves as a part-time scout for the Houston Astros organization scouting young talent in some of the more remote areas of Mexico.

Robb Anderson and his son Matias

Robb Anderson and his son Matias

Every article on ThinkBlueLA offers an area where readers can post comments and we encourage you to do so, if you are so inclined. We also have a ‘Featured Video’ that often includes some of the latest zany YouTube videos from Bobby “dodgerfilms” Crosby and “Deep Left” along with some of our own videos clips. You can check out our past featured videos in our Video Library and encourage you to also check out our Photo Gallery. Additionally, we have included direct links to many of the more popular Dodgers-related websites and blog sites on our blog roll.

Thank you and GO DODGERS!

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