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Lasorda DSL FP

A look back at the 2014 Dominican Summer League Dodgers

The Dominican Summer League (DSL), founded in 1985, is a summer league playing all of its games in the Dominican Republic. It is comprised of thirty-six teams in five divisions. Each team is affiliated with a MLB team and bears that team’s name. Five MLB organizations field two teams in the DSL – Mets, Orioles, […]

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Chris Reed FP

Brace yourselves Dodger fans – 2015 bullpen may not be much different than 2014 Existing mega-contracts could tie Andrew Friedman's hands

It’s definitely not what Dodger fans want to hear, but the cold hard truth is that the Dodgers 2015 bullpen might bear a very strong resemblance to the one that brought an abrupt end to the Dodgers 2014 postseason. Dodgers newly appointed President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman is about to discover that the market […]

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AJ Ellis 10-16-13 HR FP

Dodgers might want to think twice about passing on A.J. Ellis

The 2015 baseball season has already started in this household. I know the 2014 season is technically not over as the World Series is front and center on the baseball stage. However, as a long suffering Dodger fan – at least since 1988 – for me a new season has begun. It began in a […]

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Sax Mattingly Lasorda FP

Dodgers need to change philosophy about third base coach

Over the past several decades the Dodgers have had quite a few third base coaches – guys named Joey Amalfitano, Danny Ozark, Tommy Lasorda and more recently Tim Wallach and Lorenzo Bundy. The one thing that all of these guys have in common is that they were all former minor league managers before becoming the […]

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Logan White FP

Did Andrew Friedman blow his first major decision?

It is a day that many Dodger fans have been dreading for years and it finally happened. It is being widely reported that longtime Dodgers Vice President of Amateur Scouting Logan White is leaving the Dodgers to take on an unspecified role with the San Diego Padres front office. Although there has been no official announcement from […]

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Tulsa Oklahoma – Where Dodger Blue meets Driller Blue

On September 17th the Dodgers announced some dramatic moves in the locations of their minor league affiliates. The theme seemed to be “Oklahoma Here We Come,” as their AAA affiliation was moved from Albuquerque to Oklahoma City and their AA affiliation shifted from Chattanooga to Tulsa. Whereas the red of the RedHawks in Oklahoma City […]

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1 Jamey Wright FP

Dodgers likely to cut ties with Jamey Wright

When Jamey Wright made his major league debut with the Colorado Rockies on July 3, 1996, a gallon of gasoline cost $1.22, a loaf of bread $1.15 and a first class stamp 32 cents. Clayton Kershaw had recently celebrated his eighth birthday, Corey Seager his second and the World Wide Web would turn five years old one month […]

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1-8-14 Colletti FP

Royals put on clinic for Ned Colletti

It’s hard to argue that exiled Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti wasn’t good at his job. After all, it was on his watch that the Dodgers acquired Adrian Gonzalez, Zack Greinke, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett, Hanley Ramirez, Justin Turner, Mark Ellis, Jamey Carroll, Nick Punto and drafted Clayton Kershaw, Joc Pederson, Zach Lee, Chris Reed, […]

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Russell Martin FP

Should Dodgers pursue Russell Martin?

It is common knowledge that Giants catcher Buster Posey is the best offensive catcher in the game today. It is equally common knowledge that Dodgers catcher A.J. Ellis is anything but. Posey is coming off a stellar season in which he had a triple slash of .311 / .364 / .490 for a very good .854 OPS […]

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9-24-14 Dodgers Clinch FP

Top three greatest Dodger moments of 2014

Baseball is a team sport. It is a sport that is best enjoyed with as many fellow die-hard fans as can be packed into a stadium, especially when joined by family and friends. It is a sport where a home run or other exciting play can turn total strangers into high-fiving fist bumping best of […]

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