One Big Dodger Family

Although I haven’t been much of a football fan since the Rams left Los Angeles more than 30 years ago (well, except for USC football, that is), I actually watched the Super Bowl yesterday – and it was a great game. And though I didn’t have a dog in the race and pretty much didn’t care who won or lost, I found myself pulling for the team that didn’t have San Francisco in their name because… well… you know.

The worst part about the 34 minute power failure during Sunday's Super Bowl game is that it delayed that last hurdle heading into baseball season. (Photo courtesy of

The worst part about the power failure during Sunday’s Super Bowl game is that it delayed that last hurdle heading into baseball season by 34 minutes. (Photo courtesy of

With my new-found interest in Twitter, I pretty much followed it throughout the game and found that it was not unlike our ThinkBlueLA live-game chats during Dodger games (but in 140 characters or less). As you might expect, the people who we follow on Twitter (and those who follow us) are, for the most part, Dodger fans or at least baseball fans.

For as long as there have been Super Bowls (yesterday’s being the 47th one), I am always glad when they end. Why? Because the conclusion of the Super Bowl means that there is now absolutely nothing standing between it and the beginning of spring training and the start of the baseball season.

As soon as that final second of the Super Bowl ticked off, there was an immediate flood of tweets that clearly proved that I am not alone in this belief – including a couple from MLB players and sports writers. Here are several that I think you will enjoy:

  • @Dodgers baseball is back! @mlb #dodgers
  • Let’s get baseball season going #mlb #Dodgers #abqisotopes
  • Up next, BASEBALL!!! #dodgers #mlb
  • Baseball season is around the corner
  • Now let us leave this silly little sport that has been so quaint for a much more civil and classy sport. Beisbol people!
  • Ok football is over. We can all be friends again. Go Dodgers!
  • Thank god that’s over!! 9 days till pitchers and catchers report. (Dodgers reliever Peter Moylan)
  • It’s a beautiful day for a ball game to play baseball is back!!!!!!!! Dodgers vs Yankees this year!
  • LOS ANGELES @Dodgers “@MLB: Congrats to the Ravens and the city of Baltimore. Now, who will win the #WorldSeries in 2013?”
  • Now that football season has come to an end, time to put my focus on@Dodgers baseball!! #AWholeNewBlue #ThinkBlue
  • So it’s baseball season now right?
  • Baseball anyone??? (Atlanta Braves third baseman Chris Johnson)
  • “It’s time for @dodgers baseball!” Almost time!!
  • Football season is over. @AbqTopes Opening Night is two months from tomorrow vs. @IowaCubs at Isotopes Park!
  • Congrats Ravens. Hello Baseball Season. Go Dodgers!!!!! (Jerry Hairston Jr.)
  • Goodbye football. Hello baseball season! #gododgers
  • The Superbowl just ended but everyone is talking about baseball gotta love it
  • Ok, time for baseball (Jon Heyman – CBS Sports)
  • Now, we can talk about baseball, specifically, the Dodgers!
  • Thanks football for entertaining us for a while! But now Americas Pastime Begins!! #baseball #americanspastime
  • @Dodgers Baseball season is here…
"It's Tiiiiime for Dodger Baseball!" (Photo credit - Jon SooHoo)

“It’s Tiiiiime for Dodger Baseball!”
(Photo credit – Jon SooHoo)

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6 Responses to “One Big Dodger Family”


    Lol! I just started a new thread on the forum about this very same thing before you posted this!!

  2. OldBrooklynFan says:

    I watch the Super Bowl as I do every year. this year, as you might expect, I was thinking of what would it be like if the 49ers won, the same year as the Giants and give San Francisco something else to brag about and Dodger fans to curse over.
    After the “Niners” failed to catch up, it ended all the above and was just another Super Bowl and baseball season is just around the corner.

  3. OldBrooklynFan says:

    Now I know I’m getting old, I forgot to mentioned that Beyonce’ was simply grand as advertised, really lights out.
    I think it would’ve been worse if the lights went out during her performance.

    • Ron Cervenka says:

      The lights were out during her performance.


      I just can’t figure out how she can dance like that in high heels.

  4. MFGRREP says:

    What Game ??

    Go Dodgers !!

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