Sex Sells

Okay I admit it. I love the banner ads on You know the ones I’m talking about, guys – the ones with those extremely attractive, well endowed young ladies trying to convince you that if you use their product, a flock of beautiful and sexy young ladies will come crashing through your door. (I just hope I’m home alone when it happens).

Under any other circumstances, these ads would have absolutely zero appeal to me (well, aside from the photographs of the aforementioned young ladies, of course), but when you see these ads that read “Boost Testosterone with One Trick” or “Why Men Need more Testosterone” next to a photograph of Ryan Braun with a headline that reads “Familiar Names Emerge in Drug Probe” for and article about him (and others) yet again under investigation for the suspected use of performance enhancing drugs, more specifically the use of testosterone, you simply cannot help but laugh at the irony – and I know that I am not the only one to have connected these dots.

Pretty tough to miss the irony here, huh? (Photo courtesy of

Pretty tough to miss the irony here, huh? (Photo courtesy of

Is Braun a cheater? That’s for each person to decide for themselves. But like my good friend Evan Bladh from the Opinion of Kingman’s Performance blog site, I choose to believe a low-wage earning man by the name of Dino Laurenzi who, as Bladh describes, is “…a good man, youth football coach, with an impeccable reputation in his community” who has absolutely nothing to lose by telling the truth over a guy who will make $135.5 million between now and 2020 who has everything to lose by telling the truth.

While us mere mortals can do nothing but read about all of this crap and form our own opinions (while enjoying the banner ads, of course), I find solace in knowing that guys like Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez who choose to continue to lie about their PED use (I having formed that opinion) will one day have to answer to a much Higher source; perhaps even two if you count the Baseball Writers Association of America.

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2 Responses to “Sex Sells”

  1. KSparkuhl says:

    Do you think Braun and Rodriguez really give a rats-ass about the Hall of Fame? Character and integrity count… just not in baseball anymore. It’s only about the almighty dollar…

    • Ron Cervenka says:

      Damn – you’re starting to sound like me. 😆

      What I have found incredibly amazing in reading the books that Truebluewill generously gave me about the complete 130-year history of the Dodgers (and every other team for that matter) is that it has always been about the money, but nothing like it is today (as a result of free agency).

      I have to disagree with you on the Hall of Fame thing, Kevin. I believe that it means a great deal to these guys – and I mean a GREAT deal to them. Just look at Pete Rose and what not being in the Hall has done to him. They may say that it means nothing, but I think that is just a bunch of macho BS from guys who know that they have, in all likelihood, screwed themselves out of the Hall. (IMHO).

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